Smart women never show off these two things to the outside world, but confused women say it to everyone.

3 min readMar 30, 2024

In this world, there are many smart people but very few confused people.

Many people say that smart women can control their destiny, while confused women are always controlled by others.

A smart woman knows how to keep a low profile, while a confused woman likes to show off everywhere.

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1. Real wealth

“If you are poor, don’t stay with relatives; if you are rich, stay with other people.”

Some women like to show off their wealth and always feel that their family’s conditions are good, which gives them a sense of superiority.

A truly confident woman doesn’t need to show off. Only a truly confident woman can live confidently and have everything she wants.

A truly confident woman would never show off how much money her family has.

They will not show off how rich their family is, but will only work silently in front of others to strive for a better life for themselves. They have confidence and strength, but they never show it off in front of others.

A truly confident woman will not show off how much money she has in her family, because they know that these are external things and life is the most important thing.

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2. The resentment in my heart

A smart woman, no matter how much resentment she has in her heart, will not complain in front of outsiders. Because she knows that complaining is the most useless thing. It will only make things worse.

A smart woman knows how to vent her inner dissatisfaction, complaints and other emotions to her lover and friends. Because they know that complaining will not solve any problems, but will make things worse.

A smart woman knows how to control her inner emotions and how to make herself better.

But confused women often complain and even vent all their grievances on outsiders.




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