Spotting Fake Nice People: 6 Traits You Must Know

5 min readJul 21

6 Common Traits of Fake Nice People: How to Spot Them in Your Life

In our social circles, it’s not uncommon to encounter people who seem genuinely nice but may hide ulterior motives or toxic habits beneath their friendly facade. Identifying these fake nice individuals can be challenging, especially when they always seem to agree with us and put on a show of kindness. In this blog post, we will explore six common traits of fake nice people and provide insights on how to recognize them in your life. Understanding these traits will empower you to make healthier choices in your relationships and surround yourself with truly kind-hearted individuals.

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1. They Only Respect People with Power

A telltale sign of a fake nice person is their behavior around those with a higher social status or power. It is natural to show respect when interacting with someone in a position of authority. However, if you observe a drastic change in their demeanor when around influential individuals, it may indicate insincerity. A genuinely nice person treats everyone with respect, regardless of their social standing, and values the treatment of their subordinates more than their interaction with superiors.

2. They Pretend to Please Everyone

Fake nice people often go to great lengths to please others, as they fear rejection and crave universal approval. Consequently, they may find themselves agreeing to everything and anything asked of them, which earns them the label of being kind and friendly. However, they may struggle to fulfill their commitments, leading to disappointment in the end. Authentic nice individuals, on the other hand, are driven by internal values rather than seeking external validation and will prioritize commitments they genuinely intend to honor.

3. They Desperately Seek Attention

A significant difference between fake nice people and genuinely kind individuals lies in their motivation for doing good deeds. Fake nice people perform acts of kindness to gain attention and praise, seeking external validation for their actions. In contrast, truly kind individuals are intrinsically motivated…


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