The 3 coolest moments of girls

8 min readMar 19, 2023
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It is often said that “a woman’s heart is like the bottom of the sea.” Many men feel that women’s emotions change too quickly and are hard to understand. Although women can have bad moods, they also have many moments of being pleased.

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1. When refusing, it feels great.

Many women are afraid of rejecting others, feeling reluctant to do so because they don’t want to hurt them. However, once they take the first step, they will find that refusing someone is really satisfying! The more unreasonable the request that is refused, the more frustrated the other person will be, and the stronger the sense of satisfaction and excitement you will feel. Moreover, rejecting someone can be addictive. Refusing once is fun, and refusing constantly is even more enjoyable!

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1.1. Rejecting unreasonable requests In a relationship

One of my friends and her boyfriend are college classmates. From graduation to work, their relationship has always been…




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