The best psychotherapist for the master of the hairy child

3 min readJan 5, 2021

In pet communication, although we are talking with pets, the most direct contact with the core is the owner.
I was a bit stunned when one of the owners called me without greeting me in advance. I didn’t like receiving the consultation from the owner in this way.
She asked for help, “My dog has been howling every night since the seventh month of the lunar calendar, I don’t know what’s wrong, can you please help me communicate?
My gut feeling was, “Could there be a spiritual?

My first thought was to refer the case to a teacher who could do it, so I contacted him, but he replied, “It will be three months before I get a chance.” The owner was very anxious and said she couldn’t wait and hoped I would help.
While I was debating what to do, she told me about her recent tragedy, domestic violence, divorce, and being cleansed from her husband’s family.
I wanted to tell her if she wanted to see a counselor, which I did not. But I could hear how much she was suffering, so I had to quietly accompany her and listen, not daring to overstep my role, but luckily she was also very restrained and did not cry and get out…




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