The best psychotherapist for the master of the hairy child

3 min readJan 5, 2021

In pet communication, although we are talking with pets, the most direct contact with the core is the owner.
I was a bit stunned when one of the owners called me without greeting me in advance. I didn’t like receiving the consultation from the owner in this way.
She asked for help, “My dog has been howling every night since the seventh month of the lunar calendar, I don’t know what’s wrong, can you please help me communicate?
My gut feeling was, “Could there be a spiritual?

My first thought was to refer the case to a teacher who could do it, so I contacted him, but he replied, “It will be three months before I get a chance.” The owner was very anxious and said she couldn’t wait and hoped I would help.
While I was debating what to do, she told me about her recent tragedy, domestic violence, divorce, and being cleansed from her husband’s family.
I wanted to tell her if she wanted to see a counselor, which I did not. But I could hear how much she was suffering, so I had to quietly accompany her and listen, not daring to overstep my role, but luckily she was also very restrained and did not cry and get out of control.

After hearing her story, I took it on board, but I had a ruler in my heart, that is, I had to be more careful when answering, not to let the wounded heart suffer a little more unnecessary pressure since I chose to be driftwood, we have to make her feel safe.
So no matter what the result of my communication is, I can’t suggest that she move because it’s not that easy to rent an apartment with a fur baby, and many landlords don’t want to have tenants with pets, and she’s just settling down. And now the dog is her strength to live, suggesting that she give it up for adoption is not my answer.

You must be curious to know whether the dog saw a spiritual and barked at midnight. Well …. I’m going to tell you later.
The dog told me that he saw what happened to mommy and he wanted to comfort her and said that he was barking to protect her… The owner on the other end of the phone heard the love of the fur boy for her and the emotions that he had been telling for a long time finally collapsed.

It turns out that the words of your own fur baby are the best psychotherapy for the owner!


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