The essence of making money 2022

8 min readOct 28, 2022

Why is his daily income higher than your annual income?

How to improve your earning power?

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Hello everyone,

Today I will let you understand the nature of making money in this article

After reading this , you may quit your job and start your own business.

In fact, have you noticed that after graduation, the gap between people comes out?

Some people were not very good students in the past

But their daily income is higher than many people’s annual income why?

I found a phenomenon a long time ago

After graduation, many people with bad grades have difficulty finding jobs.

So they are forced to start their own business

But what about most people?

They find a stable job right after graduation and feel very satisfied

In fact, their thinking is already limited by their environment

If you want to make money, if you want to start a business, or if your business is not doing well

Then please read my article to the end.

Because I will show you a practical and feasible mindset to make you rich at final

However, the amount of understanding also depends on your perception, spirituality

Incidentally, this series of articles is about

what I think it is the key to helping you succeed in business and achieve financial freedom.

Please follow me

If you get some insight after listening, please leave your comment to tell you what is breaking your mindset and share with the friend they need.

In fact, many people have never thought about what they use to make money

Since I was a child, I had been told: “If you don’t study as a child, you will grow up to be a transporter.

So when I was young, my concept of college was that I wanted to sit in an office after graduation




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