The greatest reward in a man’s life is not to pass on his family’s legacy, but these four words.

5 min readDec 19, 2023
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A philosopher has said:

Every human being is searching for the value and meaning of life since he or she was born.

Because everyone has different concepts, ideas, and pursuits, the things they do and the values they believe in are different. Because of this, the world has become a colorful place.

Some people devote themselves to the field of medicine, some are good at business, some work part-time, some become big officials, and some are full of plums. ……

You have your life choices, and he has his goal to pursue so that the world of the red world has more contradictions, struggles, and conflicts, but also more unique, colorful, variable, and beautiful.

Everyone is their own “life online” novel in the protagonist, how to live a good life, whether or not life is worth it, and others have nothing to do with, only with their own cognitive, choice related.


Famous writer William said:

I didn’t come to this world to reproduce. Rather, I came to see how flowers bloom and how water flows. How the sun rises and when the sun sets.

I live in the world, just want to understand some truth, meet some interesting things. Life is an accident, and I am looking for the cause and effect in it.

In his opinion, the biggest difference between human beings and beasts is that beasts have only the pursuit of reproduction, while human beings have not only the pursuit of reproduction but also other better pursuits.

Reproduction is natural. When we reach the age of procreation, everyone’s biological desire becomes particularly strong, and this is an instinct that is engraved in our biological genes.

Some people may say, “What else do people want to do besides reproducing their offspring? Actually, there are a lot of pursuits. Realizing one’s dream is a pursuit, going into business is a pursuit, and even doing something you like is a pursuit.




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