Those who have “cats and dogs” have great blessings!

6 min readDec 31, 2023

Human beings are not much more noble than animals, we just happen to have evolved a higher level of intelligence, but many animals know more about love than we do.

No matter how the owner treats the dog, most dogs will still trust him, rely on him, and still wag their tails at him.

In the law of karma, people who know how to treat animals well will have better luck!

Because they are always giving love to the world, and only those who truly love animals will have good luck as a result.

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

People who love animals are more fortunate

People who love animals very much do not necessarily have a lot of friends, they may not be good at dealing with people, so they choose to keep pets or feed stray animals.

Because if you get along with animals more simply, you will get very clear love, they will not betray you, they will not lie to you, and even if they play a trick, it will be a very cute trick.

People who love animals know that they are not much more noble than dogs and cats and that they are weaker than we are, and need more human care and protection.

Even if they don’t help them, they will never think of harming them, and if they are related to them, they will try their best to take good care of them.

Give them clean water to drink, prepare nutritious food for them, and respect their feelings instead of making them your own.

Many people have pets but don’t respect them. They don’t even bother to wash the pots for drinking water, pouring new water in over and over again, but they don’t bother to wash the pots.

The pots are covered with a layer of dirt, but he doesn’t mind, it’s good for him to remember to give water.

He doesn’t care if the food is cold, dry, or stinky, and says that it’s his fault if…




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