The man who a woman will never forget in her life is not her lover, not her first love, but such a man

5 min readJan 22
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In a woman’s life, there are some men that she will never forget in her whole life. Although she seldom mentions this man, in some specific situations, a woman will still think of it. When she thinks of the past, even if her heart is sad, the woman will be immersed in it, Memories reappeared, that person seemed to be right in front of her eyes, and that thing seemed to happen yesterday, the woman was heartbroken and helpless, after all, it was an illusion, and the woman could not reach out and touch it, because those flowers would wither when touched, love is difficult Continue, dreams come true, this is reality.

No matter who a woman has loved, how many times she has been in love, how many people of the opposite sex have said “I love you”, some people are irreplaceable after all, that is the eternal pain in a woman’s heart, and it is also an eternal regret in a woman’s heart. They live in Different “times and spaces”, “I saw it for the first time, I was amazing, and when I look back suddenly, I have been in the sea, but I have changed the world”, this is her mood, and women can only sigh “Life is like seeing each other again”. In fact, the man a woman will never forget in her life is not her lover, not her first love, but such a man!

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1. The man who hurt her deeply is a little “painful”. It is the shadow of my whole life and will never be forgotten.

In a relationship, a woman has truly loved a man, believed in a man, she has dedicated herself to this man without reservation, such as her “first time”, her “shame”, her “self-esteem” “, her “private money” and other things that women value more, she gave them all to this man.

A woman originally thought that her undivided love could be exchanged for an unforgettable and vigorous love. Yes, once the love is unforgettable and vigorous, it will be accompanied by pain. A woman will never forget it for the rest of her life. Later, she found out that The man really loves her, but it’s not as deep as she imagined. In the eyes of a man, her “everything” is worthless. In…


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