The more capable people like to post these three kinds of posts on the Internet

4 min read5 days ago

The water is deep but the flow is slow, and the noble people are slow to speak.

The deeper the water, the gentler the water flow. Even if the water surface is rough and rough, the deep water still maintains a slow speed.

Excellent people tend to speak cautiously, don’t rush to express their opinions and don’t try to impress others, so they seem to speak slowly.

Shallow people often express themselves in these three ways in front of others or online posts.

Photo by Fabian Centeno on Unsplash

01. The negative energy of resentment

There is a former colleague in the company who is nicknamed “the community grumbler.”

Looking at her social posts, her words are full of dissatisfaction with others and resentment towards life.

Early in the morning, I complained to the boss of the breakfast shop that his prices were too high; after the meeting, I complained that the boss was too demanding.

I was not understood; after getting off work, I posted another message saying that my friends didn’t care about me and didn’t understand me.

Her attitude was negative, her work was sloppy, her performance was always at the bottom, and she was…




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