The more considerate your husband is, the more prosperous your family will be!

The worse your husband’s temper is, the worse it will be for the whole family!

6 min readJul 6, 2024

A capable man,

He is capable at home and outside the home and respects women’s feelings.

Pampering a woman as the most important person in her life will make her happy.

Outside there is a towering tree, which can hold up the sky for a woman.

A capable man is a strong man on the outside.

A man who has no ability is the strong one at home.

A capable man will only love his wife.

A man who has no ability will only love himself.

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1. The less capable a man is, the bigger his temper will be.

A superior person has ability but no temper;

The lowest class of people have no ability but a big temper.

The more capable a man is, the higher his quality and cultivation are.

No matter how wronged you are outside,

What hardships we encountered,




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