(The Most Embarrassing Thing About Me) Happy Birthday

7 min readJan 28, 2021

(The Most Embarrassing Thing About Me) Happy Birthday

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It was originally a wonderful trip.

In the summer of my freshman and sophomore year of high school, my school held a study abroad camp, which was a feature of the private school I was attending at the time.

Although everyone said it was cheap, but the cost of the tour plus living expenses for one month, almost 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan in the end where the cheap, my brain at that time really can not understand, even if my mother said the money is enough, I still do not want to go.

And, D, my boyfriend, also did not want to go.

His parents thought it was just for fun and not very effective, and said they would take him and his sister to go together afterwards and arrange their own trip.

Our school was originally a private high school, and we were in our second year of high school, with only two classes in a grade, a natural group and a social group.

Anyway, the two of us and a few other students stayed at the school to participate in the summer program. In fact, we went to have a party, chatted with the teachers who stayed behind and had a good time.

At the end of July, before the tour group returned, the school organized a three-day and two-night trip for the sophomore and senior students.

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The newly established senior high school did not have many teachers, and our mentors went abroad with the tour, while the third grade mentors went to lead the trip. The school may not have found anyone to handle us kids, or they may have felt sorry for us for not going abroad, so they simply took us all with them.

The tour was led by a third grade nature group class guide, who was my most loving chemistry teacher, and the seniors were also very familiar with each other.

Sitting on the tour bus, along the coast road, I saw such a beautiful coastline for the first time, the waves lapping against the rocks, the azure blue zenith, decorated with white clouds, and a few sea birds…


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