The person who loves you the most is your father, and the loneliest person in the world is also your father

6 min readJun 1, 2024

Father’s love refers to the love that a father gives to his children, allowing children to feel the warmth of a father’s love.

Father’s love is serious, strong, profound and profound. Father’s love is as great as mother’s love, but the way father expresses love is different.

From a man’s perspective, a father gives his children strength, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and tolerance, so that the children can feel a love that is different from a mother’s love.

The father’s reproach is intended to motivate his children, but sometimes it can backfire. Therefore, a combination of the two is the best idea and method.

You have been praising your mother since ancient times, so why are you talking about your father now? Only mother is good in the world, who can see my father crying?

She gave up all the hardships, carried heavy burdens, and endured humiliation to crawl forward. She shed all her body sweat for her son, and the woman hates him in her heart.

If the family situation is difficult to compare with others, mom will be by your side and dad will scold you. I am exhausted both mentally and physically and my life is about to end. My children only call me Mom when they come in!

In many people’s minds, a father is a calm or even taciturn character.




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