The quality of life depends on “habits”: University professor's father uses 4 methods to teach his children to establish good habits

9 min readMar 5, 2024

James Clear, the author of “ Atomic Habits “ pointed out, “The quality of life often depends on the quality of habits. Once you have better habits, everything is possible.” If parents can help their children develop good habits, it is equivalent to Children lay a good foundation for learning.

How important are good habits? James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits”, starts from his own life experience and realizes that “the quality of life often depends on the quality of habits. If the habits remain unchanged, the results will not change; once they are established With better habits, anything is possible.”

In high school, he was hit by a baseball, hit his head severely, was in a coma for several months, and was devastated by being frozen by the team. After he became a freshman, he began to develop small but persistent habits, including sleeping, reading, heavy training, etc. These good habits allowed him to not only be selected into ESPN’s All-American team in the 6th year after the injury but even receive a Presidential Medal...

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Cultivate good habits from an early age and accumulate “compound interest” effects

How difficult is it to establish good habits? From the fact that “Atomic Habits” has been the best-selling book in online bookstores for four consecutive years, it is not difficult to know that the vast majority of people struggle with how to establish good habits.

There are countless books and courses on “habits”. Why is “Atomic Habits” so popular? The author puts forward a core concept that “start with small adjustments.” We often overestimate the importance of one decisive moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements every day. “What creates success is small daily habits.” As long as you improve by 1% every day, you will improve 37 times after one year. This is the compound interest effect of habits.

In addition, “Atomic Habits” proposes that the key to the success of habit-building lies in the system (process) rather than the goal. Juan associate professor at the Institute of Education at Chung…




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