The Secret Life of Trees: What you don’t know about trees!

9 min readNov 5, 2022
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The Secret Life of Trees: What you don’t know about trees!
How long has it been since you cared about the trees around you? Have you ever thought about the fact that every tree has its own personality? Even the trees in the forest will cooperate with each other and send charcoal in the snow. What’s more, the big trees will be strict enough to educate the small trees?
Today’s book, “The Secret Life of Trees,” is a delicate little book that uses thirty-six wonderful forest stories to take readers on a journey through the secrets of trees. The author, a former forester, is now employed as a forest janitor in the small town of Hummel, where he is responsible for guarding the 1,200 acres of virgin forest.
The book is highly readable, with the author’s rich forestry experience, funny casual tone, and solid theoretical knowledge, bringing the reader an interesting journey of forest exploration. It is a fascinating and thoughtful journey that makes people reflect on the relationship between nature and human beings. In this article, let me share with you some interesting excerpts!
Not only describes the secret life of trees, but also the story of the whole forest, all life, including plants, animals, and fungus, treating the forest as a whole symbiotic structure.
-Ming Wu
The Secret of Trees
About trees, people often don’t care much. At most, they go into the forest once in a while to enjoy the phentermine; they bathe in the greenery, and then return to the city and don’t even bother to know what the roadside trees look like. But trees, such a long-lived species, deserve to be known more.
[Tree’s Ego
Does a tree have an ego? We must admit that this may be an exaggeration, but some of the behaviors of trees do make it worthwhile to consider whether the concept of “self” is also applicable to plants.
For example, the life of a tree is very much about balance. They must be able to allocate their energy in a calculating manner in order to take care of all their needs. It needs the energy to grow, to grow longer branches and stronger trunks, to store up energy to protect itself against insect or disease attacks and to release defensive substances, and even to distract itself from the important but very energy-intensive task of reproduction.
In addition, there is another phenomenon that we may see as normal but is actually quite unbelievable: in autumn, the leaves…


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