The top three Zodiacs that doesn’t like to answer message or instant feedback

2 min readOct 28, 2022
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The top three star signs that don’t like to answer the message or instant feedback

In this day and age,
Almost always with the phone in hand.
Face-to-face may be talking on the phone.
This makes it easier to distance people from each other.
Not replying to information in seconds does not mean that he does not care about you,
Let’s see which constellations in the constellation are, and do not like to return information in seconds.

▍ Aries

Maybe Aries is really busy sometimes,
So I can’t reply to your message in time,
Unless you really have something important to do.
But in the eyes of Aries,
Urgent matters will not be sent.
But directly kill him with a phone call,
This will solve the problem faster.
Besides, Aries don’t like this kind of communication.
It’s more comfortable than chatting face-to-face.


In Libra’s subconscious,
They feel that chats must be answered in seconds,
Otherwise, you feel disrespectful to others.
But Libra is a tangled person,
I am afraid that my tone of voice is inappropriate,
It will make the atmosphere colder.
So Libra thinks about it,
Time has passed without knowing it,
So it’s not that Libra doesn’t want to return in seconds,
But they are too tangled,
Especially when it comes to lovers.

▍ Capricornus

For Capricorn,
It’s not very important to reply to information in seconds.
Just go back
After all, you don’t hold your phone and watch it all day.
After all, work is the most essential thing in Capricorn’s heart.
And Capricorns aren’t very good at socializing either.
Sometimes I don’t know what to reply to my phone.
If this is the only way to maintain a relationship,
Capricorns will hate this type of communication more and more




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