Truly Capable People Often Have These Traits — You Can Sense Them When You’re Together

6 min readJan 1, 2024

Someone who is truly “capable” doesn’t necessarily have great power or wealth, because luck, opportunity, and environment all play crucial roles.

So how do you judge if someone is “capable” or not? There’s no denying that controlling objective material conditions makes it easier to judge capability, but how much meaning does that have? For those already in high positions with great power, it’s not as simple as just communicating with whoever you want — learning to “burn incense in silence” may be a good option.

If in your daily interactions, you can identify truly “capable” people around you and maintain good relationships with them, they may become your important connections in the future, or perhaps they just lack an opportunity.

So judging if someone is truly capable, you have to look not just at how many objective material conditions they currently control, but also whether they’ll be able to control more in the future. The following criteria are worth considering:

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

1. Confident But Not Arrogant

I used to brag about my abilities even though I didn’t have much experience. After failing badly on a work project, I realized I needed to develop true confidence through effort and skills, not arrogance.

People with ability have confidence, while those without blindly believe in themselves — that’s arrogance.

Confidence comes from ability, and ability comes from daily accumulation and effort. Like in school, diligent studying means natural composure and calmness during exams, and trusting in your efforts — exams are just quantifying your abilities.

Blind confidence is arrogance. No accumulation yet still feeling strong, like having a bank card with no PIN but still feeling rich — until you need money and realize you’re not as wealthy as imagined.

The stronger your abilities, the more confident you become. Your abilities are something no one can take away, like education, knowledge, and skills…once obtained, no one can take these things away.

Some things that seem to reflect ability can be taken away at any time, like job positions — they…




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