Unlocking the Power of Attraction: 5 Secrets That Make Someone Pursue You

4 min readJun 30

5 Powerful Secrets That Make Someone Pursue You

In the world of romantic relationships, we all desire to be pursued by someone special. Whether it’s a crush, a potential partner, or a love interest, we yearn for them to notice and appreciate the qualities that make us unique. However, sometimes it can be challenging to convey those qualities right away. That’s where psychology comes into play. In this article, we will delve into five powerful secrets that can make someone pursue you. By understanding these psychological tricks, you can increase your chances of capturing their attention and fostering a deeper connection.

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1: The Power of Companionizing

One effective way to create a closer bond with your crush is through the act of gift-giving. Research suggests that when you give your crush a gift that you also possess, it fosters a sense of connection and closeness. This phenomenon, known as “companioning,” can strengthen the emotional bond between two individuals. For example, imagine presenting your crush with a beautifully wrapped present — a handmade bracelet. As they appreciate the thoughtful gesture, you reveal that you also have a matching bracelet. Not only will they enjoy their gift, but they will also feel a deeper connection with you, knowing that someone out there shares a part of it.

2: The Benjamin Franklin Effect

Contrary to popular belief, asking your crush for a favor can actually work in your favor. The Benjamin Franklin Effect, named after the renowned American statesman, suggests that when we do something kind for someone, our brain assumes that we like them. By requesting a favor from your crush, you create an opportunity for them to invest in your well-being. This psychological trick can lead to a shift in their perception and increase their liking towards you. Remember, even small favors can have a profound impact on building a connection and turning acquaintances into friends.

3: Engaging Eye Contact with the Triangle Technique

Maintaining eye contact is often seen as a sign of confidence and interest. However, too much staring can come across as…


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