Unmasking Relationship Anxiety: 8 Clear Signs You Might Be Struggling!

5 min readJul 7, 2023

8 Signs You Have Relationship Anxiety

Relationships can bring us immense joy, love, and fulfillment. However, for some individuals, the experience of being in a relationship can be accompanied by worry, uncertainty, and distress. This irrational and persistent fear is known as relationship anxiety. If you often find yourself weighed down by these negative emotions, questioning the stability and authenticity of your relationship, you might be experiencing relationship anxiety. In this article, we will explore eight telltale signs of relationship anxiety to help you better understand and identify this issue.

Photo by Su San Lee on Unsplash

1. Insecurity about Your Relationship

One of the most common manifestations of relationship anxiety is a deep sense of insecurity. You may constantly struggle with feelings of not belonging or not having a place in your partner’s life. Questions like “Do I matter to them?” and “Am I important to them?” haunt your thoughts. This persistent uncertainty can make you question the authenticity of the connection you share with your partner.

2. Doubting Your Partner’s Feelings

Regardless of how many times your partner expresses their love for you, you find yourself doubting the sincerity of their feelings. Even grand romantic gestures may fail to alleviate the nagging doubt in your mind. Deep-seated fears of abandonment fuel this relentless need for reassurance. You constantly seek proof that you are the only one for them and that they will never leave you.

3. Overdependence on Your Partner

Feeling attached to your partner and desiring to spend time together is natural in a relationship. However, when relationship anxiety takes hold, it can amplify these feelings to an unhealthy extent. You might find yourself constantly waiting for your partner’s texts, worrying when they spend time with others, and fearing they might forget about you. This excessive dependence stems from the fear of losing the relationship.




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