Don’t get too involved in the relationship when you are ambiguous.

As long as the relationship is not confirmed, they are “just friends”!

10 min readJan 10, 2024

There are unspoken rules in love. People who don’t understand will be frustrated again and again and always feel that the relationship is not smooth.

Following these rules is the way to protect yourself.

It’s easy to just give in stupidly without thinking too much, but the final result may not be what you want.

Let’s take a look at the unspoken rules in love. Do you understand every one of them? If you don’t understand, learn it quickly!

1. Don’t get too involved when you are ambiguous

I was getting close to this guy I really liked, but we hadn’t defined the relationship yet. I wanted so badly for him to be my boyfriend. One day, he told me he met someone else and didn’t think we should hang out anymore. I was crushed but realized I shouldn’t have let myself get so emotionally invested when we were still ambiguous.

Since it is said to be ambiguous, it means that you are not together yet. As long as the two parties have not confessed to each other and established a relationship, you are just ordinary friends.




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