Unveiling Your Hidden Beauty: 5 Signs You’re Attractive!

4 min readJul 4, 2023

5 Signs You’re Attractive (Even if You Don’t Think So!)

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

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Have you ever wondered if you’re attractive? If you’ve ever brought up the subject to your closest friends, maybe they’ve reassured you insisting you are good-looking, but yet, you can’t see what they do. And how do you know if they’re just being nice? In your mind, your flaws stand out too much. So how can you tell if you are attractive, even if you don’t see yourself as so? Here are six signs you really are attractive even if you don’t think you are.

1. Comparing Past and Present Photos

When you look at photos of yourself from months ago as compared to now, you think you looked better then. Have you ever browsed through your social media only to stumble upon a month’s old photo of yourself with friends? You do a double-take because you surprisingly look better than you thought you did at the time.

“I don’t look that bad at all,” you think, but then that photo from yesterday, you can’t help but scrutinize. A 2010 study by psychologist Tal Eyal and behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley found that with due time, one is likely to see themselves more abstractly, similar to how others might view their looks.

Researchers had photos taken of participants and then asked them to rate their looks based on how others might rate them. Some of the subjects were told their photo would be rated by others the same day, while others were told the photographs would be rated months later. Those who were told their photos would be rated months later were more accurate in how others perceived them.

This could be due to the idea that they’ve imagined enough time between them and the harsh judgments they felt about themselves while taking the photo. Those harsh scrutinies don’t seem that important months down the line, right? So this can be a small way to gain some…




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