What can I do when my dog protects food?

4 min readJan 18, 2021

The reason for food protection.

How do I teach my dog to Protect food?

Some dogs protect food everywhere, from mild to severe levels, perhaps due to the owner’s different reactions to the incident (some people think that beating him will make him afraid so that you are afraid and he is also afraid, and the more you beat him, the more fierce he becomes, the harder he bites you, or various mysterious punishment rituals), or due to the behavior of other dogs snatching the food.
Therefore, this article will first explain why dogs are protective of food (reasons), and after understanding the reasons, the next article will tell you how to properly prevent dogs from being protective of food.

Let’s start by tracing the possible causes of food guarding against puppyhood

Many young puppies are given plenty of milk by their mothers before they leave their mothers, but once they leave their mothers, they are not properly cared for by bad breeders or pet owners, and if they are not given enough food, they can easily create a future guarding factor for the puppy.

A simple example: some pet store staffs selling puppies will often tell owners to use plastic spoons to calculate about 3–4 spoonfuls of food, and that feeding too much will make them too big (because pet owners know that people love to have miniature dogs nowadays) so don’t feed them too much… Many people will really listen at this point (Huh!?). How come everyone is so obedient as long as they can save money ……) These words are good to hear, do not take them seriously, how can a Shiba Inu be raised to the size of a Chihuahua! You will only raise a malnourished dog, and then spend more money to take it to the vet, the loss is not worth it.

The following is a list of the first reasons for food…


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