What do women want to do most when they are drunk? 3 women tell their true feelings

5 min readJul 6, 2024

In this busy and stressful era, alcohol has become a good companion for many people to relieve stress. However, women may have different moods and desires after drinking. So, when women are drunk, what do they want to do most? Today, let’s listen to the true words of three ladies and explore the inner world of women after drinking.

Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

Francesca: I want a warm hug

Francesca is a white-collar worker who is always busy with work and daily life. She said: “Every time I get drunk, what I want most is a warm hug. At that moment, all the fatigue and troubles seem to disappear, leaving only the warmth of being surrounded by love.”

For Francesca, alcohol is a catalyst for releasing emotions. Under the influence of alcohol, she can temporarily let down her guard and show the softest side of her heart. A warm hug is like a haven, allowing her to find support and comfort when she is tired.

Yelena: I want to talk to my friends

Yelena is a young literary person who loves life. She likes traveling, photography, and writing. She said: “When I get drunk, the thing I want to do most is to talk about my heart with my friends. Alcohol makes us more honest and real. We can share each




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