What is “Puppy Socialization”? I want to socialize with my puppy.

4 min readJan 11, 2021

How do I properly socialize my dog? Is socialization important?

Most people have a definition of socialization

For example, “I’ll take him for a walk in the park every day to make friends” or “I’ll take him to a pet restaurant every weekend to meet dog friends” or “I take him to a dog-friendly cafe near us every day, so it’s okay if other dogs are mean to him, he’ll get it later”… and so on (think about what you think first).

As trainers, we often receive private messages about training dogs to be socialized: “I take him out every day so he can learn to make friends” or “My dog hates dogs, would it be better if I got another one to keep him company? or “I’ve taken him to pet restaurants and pet parks to meet other dogs, but he still can’t make dog friends” or “He thinks he’s a human being, and every time he sees a dog, he shows a look of disdain”.

In fact, socialization can be very simple or very difficult, depending on the personality of the child will also be different, we have met a dog caught in the shelter as a child, the collar or chest and back will scream to the neighbors think it is abused, there are also heard the sound of thunder to hide under the bed or table shivering to afraid to come out of the dog, nail clipping when angry to bite the dog, the owner to hold the dog will steal bite passers-by …… The dog is not socialized enough, so puppy training becomes especially important!

For us, the definition of socialization is actually very simple, so that they can widely and in the right way to know all kinds of different people, things and objects, when…


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