What is the method?

4 min readDec 4, 2022

What is the method?

Let me share today why I want to talk about the method. In fact, everyone has heard the method. The method is very important. There are ways to study, there are ways to study, there are ways to take exams, and there are ways to learn computers. Then this method is because it has made a big change in my life.

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In fact, I started to look for the importance of the method when I was in university. I am always looking for it. Is there a faster way? Can you say it is a shortcut? It is to accomplish one thing, which is actually “efficiency”.

That is, I hope that in my work, I will use the simplest and fastest way to achieve the same goal. Sometimes it’s because I have a lot of ability now! I have to do so many things. Sometimes I can only achieve 70 points and 80 points, but I use methods to do it. Sometimes we do it for the first time. I will spend a lot of time, but I start thinking, Is there a faster way to save time, let this matter take 1/3 less than the first time to do it, and then optimize it to 1/2, and do it faster and faster, that is the method.

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Then we will sometimes classify and then start calculations. Sometimes you start from the beginning to the end, and it must be the slowest from the beginning to the end. Then when you start to classify and then use technical skills to summarize, The speed of your method will start to speed up, which is the concept that in general, we can optimize everything.

Then if it is about our other aspects, that is, our job hunting, or our way of understanding and doing things, or our method of job creation, you have to try it, because there are many ways of doing things, For example, if you hope that your performance will improve when you do something, but often it is not good, it means that your method is wrong, or your strategy is wrong, and your strategy is actually a method.

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Strategy is equal to the method, then in this process, you are failure, failure, failure, and the…


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