What should you do when you find a woman chasing after your husband to get her to back off?

8 min readFeb 3, 2024

If you marry a man with good qualifications, some women will inevitably miss him and want to try to see if there is a chance to fall in love with him, or even let him divorce and remarry himself.

The better the man, the more people will miss him, especially if his character is very easy-going or attractive, so there will be more trouble.

If your man doesn’t have much contact with women at work and is honest and straightforward, the chances of this happening will be less.

In this case, he is not cheating on you, so you can’t make trouble.

The best situation is that the man himself understands the boundaries not cross the line, and they will be able to handle the relationship well, how to do it, as I have written, will be attached to the end of the article.

If the woman outside the obvious show is good, the man is unwilling or inconvenient to disconnect with her, how do you deal with it?

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The wrong way to handle it

Women who have a lot of emotions are usually very direct and can’t hide what’s on their minds, which may lead them to adopt the wrong way of coping.

In this article, women who are interested in your husband are collectively referred to as side chicks, even though they have not officially become side chicks.

There are 3 common wrong ways:

1. Bad attitude toward the side chick

They may go directly to the third party choking her, asking her to leave their husbands a little farther, all sorts of trouble her, and even go to her company trouble.

Palace feels justified, but if the husband and junior relationship is good, you will feel that you are very unintelligent and very annoying, so he is very shameful.

The side chick can also take the opportunity to show a generous and gentle side to your husband to complain about the two comparisons, you will appear to be weak.

If the man loves you very much and you have a high status in the family, he may not dare to speak out.




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