When a man falls in love with someone completely, there will be these manifestations, and women must understand

4 min readJan 16, 2023
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01. Will take the initiative to contact, often miss

What does it feel like to like someone? Probably because I can’t stop thinking in my heart, as long as I stop, I will think about the other party, what he is doing, what he ate today, and whether he misses himself.

There is also the kind of person who is willing to spend more than ten hours on the train just to see the other person. This kind of person is probably true love. We can’t control who we miss in our hearts, and we can’t hide who we like.

In life, if you really like someone, you will take the initiative to find the other person every day, chat with her, and make appointments to go out. As long as I haven’t seen her for a while, I will miss her, especially when I go to the place on a business trip, I will want to contact her as soon as possible, tell her whereabouts, and let the other party feel at ease.

The feeling of caring about someone from the heart is undisguised, so when a man falls in love with someone completely, he will take the initiative to contact you and want to see you from time to time.

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02. Eyes will stay on you

When a man falls in love with someone, the most direct expression is your tenderness in his eyes wherever he goes. As long as you appear, the eyes will stay on you, and the expectation and desire will be born easily. It is said that if you like someone, even if you don’t say it,

It will also run out of the eyes, because there is a person’s most sincere gaze and tenderness there. That longing, pampering and love will be expressed through the eyes.

In a relationship, a person’s eyes cannot be disguised. If a man really loves you, you will feel the affection in his eyes, and the way he looks at you will be full of love and reluctance.

Eyes are the windows of a person’s soul, and many things can be directly expressed through the eyes. Whether you love it or not, you can really feel the eyes




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