When Friendship Turns into Something More: 8 Signs a Guy Has Romantic Feelings for You

5 min readJul 1

8 Signs A Guy Secretly Likes You

Understanding someone’s feelings, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, can be challenging. This is particularly true when trying to decipher whether a guy has a secret crush on you. In this article, we will explore eight signs that can help you determine if a guy likes you, even if he hasn’t explicitly confessed his feelings. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering about a guy’s true emotions, read on to uncover the subtle hints and signals that may reveal his hidden affection.

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1. Non-Verbal Signs

Communication isn’t limited to words alone. Non-verbal cues can often speak volumes about a person’s feelings. Pay close attention to a guy’s body language and tone of voice when he’s around you. Does he lean in closer when you talk? Does he try to sit or walk beside you frequently? These actions, along with mutual eye contact, playful touching, and self-conscious behaviors like grooming or fidgeting, are common signs of romantic attraction.

2. Increased Time Spent Together

If a guy secretly has a crush on you, he’ll seek opportunities to spend more time with you. He may approach you to strike up conversations, send frequent text messages, or invite you to hang out. Shy individuals might find indirect ways to encounter you, hoping that chance encounters lead to deeper connections.

3. Avoidance of Mentioning Other Girls

A significant indicator of a guy’s interest in you is his reluctance to talk about other girls in your presence. Take a moment to reflect on your recent conversations with him. Has he discussed or mentioned other girls? If not, it’s likely because he wants to avoid giving the impression that he’s interested in anyone other than you.

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4. Curiosity and Personal Questions

When a guy likes you, he exhibits a keen interest in getting to know you better. He’ll ask you personal…


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