Whether a couple or a lover, the only sign that a man is deeply in love with a woman: a love interest

6 min readFeb 18, 2024

Man is a boat that keeps drifting on the sea.

Home is the harbor where everyone can stay at any time.

Rousseau once said: that men love women, not like women’s sex, but like to live in her side of a “fun”.

Love, whether it is passionate, or romantic; love, whether it is plain, or soul intertwined, to put it bluntly, love, is two people together to create spiritual “interest”.

Without the interest, there is no love surrounded by the beautiful taste;

Without interest, there can not be the fun of the living;

Without a love interest, it is difficult to provoke each other to look at each other when the sparks are flying;

Without the love interest, it will make the day, even if there are more beautiful scenery and good times, but no good mood, to appreciate, to feel ……

Therefore, whether husband and wife or lover, men deeply love the woman’s only performance, that is: have interest.

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Together we will make our home a “fun” place to be

I watched a play.

The heroine in the pre-marriage, whenever the mood is bad, will do hands of the home to do cleaning, especially every nook, and cranny, with a little bit of rag to wipe clean, but also some of the furniture rearranged, as if a change of location, a change of mood.

Later, she got married.

The house was bigger, the furniture was more, and there was more of a figure by her side.

There is one particularly interesting detail.

She and her husband were arguing, and just as she was silently picking up a rag, her husband quickly rubbed up against her, grabbed her rag, and coaxed her, saying, Today I’ll be your little soldier, wherever you point, I’ll hit, as long as you don’t get mad.

She snorted with laughter at that.

Then, the two together, take down all the lampshades in the house, together to clean.




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