Who are the people to watch out for in the workplace, or even to stay away from? These are the types of people you need to be on the lookout for

8 min readDec 23, 2023

Enemies are always more “loyal” than friends, who are grateful for a momentary favor, but enemies harbor long-lasting resentment. — The Evolution of Rights

The workplace is an arena of power, following the law of survival of the fittest, the so-called friends may become enemies due to the conflict of interests, the higher you go, the more obvious, do not deny the existence of mutual support, mutual achievement, but it is rare, especially when it comes to their interests.

Therefore, “knowing people” is one of the necessary skills for people in the workplace, whether they are in a high position or at the bottom of the staff, to distinguish clearly which people can be in deep friendship, and which people need to be guarded against.

You may only sometimes meet the people you want to make friends with, but the people you need to watch out for can be found everywhere. The following types of people need to pay attention to the best as soon as possible to prevent.

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01. People who have nothing to do, but want to do something

I once had a colleague who seemed to thrive on creating unnecessary drama in the workplace. Always meddling in other people’s affairs and stirring up trouble, their actions created a toxic environment. To maintain a positive work atmosphere, I had to keep my distance from this individual, as their constant involvement in trivial matters was disruptive and unproductive.

Some people have nothing to do, have to find something, they not only move right and wrong, they also have a lot of right and wrong, with this kind of people must keep a distance, they are like a pile of dog shit, not only their odor but also will attract the annoying flies.

These kinds of people are generally small-minded and have a very double standard, a little thing will let them remember to hate for a long time, what they do seems to justify, their misbehavior, but they also like to blame others.

For this kind of people as soon as possible, if you are strong enough, let them get as far as…




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