Who is more reliable in his old age, his daughter-in-law or his daughter?

The three old people told the truth, which is very realistic

4 min readMar 30, 2024

Raising children to provide for old age is a common idea among the older generation. They believe that only by raising their children can they provide for themselves in old age.

And now some young people also want to support their parents by their abilities.

It is believed that when an old man is in his old age, neither his son nor daughter can be relied upon, and only his daughter-in-law is the most reliable.

So in old age, who is more reliable, daughter-in-law or daughter?

The three old men told the truth and it was very realistic.

1. Grandma Wandy: you can’t rely on anyone, you still have to rely on yourself

Grandma Wandy is over 70 years old this year. She has two sons and a daughter.

Among them, the eldest daughter-in-law was very unkind to her. She often looked down on Grandma Wang and always disliked her smelly body.

At first, Grandma Wandy thought her eldest daughter-in-law was acting like this because of her poor health, so she didn’t care. But after a long…




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