“Who Touched My Cheese”: Really strong people have “dynamic thinking”

8 min readJun 1, 2024

The weight of a drop of water is about 50 times that of a mosquito. Do you know why mosquitoes are not killed by raindrops when it rains?

A doctor from MIT used a high-speed camera to film the scene of mosquitoes escaping in the rain:

If a drop of rain hits one side of the mosquito’s wing hard, it will tilt 50 degrees to the hit side, allowing the raindrop to slide down the wing.

If it hits the body, the mosquito will not resist, but will quickly fall to the ground together with the raindrops.

At the same time, look for the opportunity to separate sideways from the raindrops, then fly straight to save your life.

No matter how heavy the raindrops are, mosquitoes can escape. Because it changes as the surrounding environment changes, this thinking is dynamic.

I have heard a saying: “The biggest constant in life is constant change.” In life, if you allow yourself to think dynamically, you will have more choices.

In the fairy tale “Who Moved My Cheese”, the story of two dwarfs humming and chirping, two mice sniffing and hurriedly searching for cheese in the maze, describes the survival rules for adults:

The real job is to keep changing yourself.

If you are also worried about life, you might as well read this book and find a new way out.




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