Why can’t couples take a shower together? There are three main reasons.

4 min readJul 1, 2024

Bathing together as a couple: Health risks behind the sweetness

Patient Stories: A Sweet Burden

In the busy city life, Zac and Lucy are a typical young couple. Zac is an IT engineer who is busy with work and often works overtime. Lucy is an accountant who works relatively regularly. Their lives are full of sweetness and challenges, and both of them cherish the time they spend together. To enhance their relationship, they often choose to take a bath together and enjoy the warmth of their world. However, Zac recently discovered a rash on his skin and Lucy also had mild gynecological discomfort, which made them start to worry. Is the habit of bathing together causing problems?

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Health risks behind shared bathing

Bathing together as a couple sounds like a very romantic thing, but in fact, it may hide some health risks; the following are three major hidden dangers, as well as professional advice from doctors;

Skin problems

Bathing together may cause skin problems, especially if one partner has a skin disease, such as a fungal infection or a bacterial infection; these pathogens can be easily transmitted to the other partner through water and contact;




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