Why do people get married?

3 min readJun 16, 2024

This is the best answer to hear.

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  1. Have personal consultation when encountering problems.
    I have someone to talk to when I’m bored.
    After a tiring day, I can happily have a meal at the same table.
    Life is too long, and there must always be someone who knows you and is by your side.
  2. Only those who live right will know.
    Marriage is a fun journey together.
    Marriage is just a banquet and lively,
    And what holds up the whole life is love.
    Just when I feel,
    Two people together are more interesting than one person,
    Just when I feel,
    encounter many problems,
    But you two can handle it well.
  3. Marriage really can’t just rely on those things
    “Grief, understanding, adjustment…”
    This kind of uncomfortable-sounding word is used to deal with people,
    Do you want a marriage where you are so tired that you lie down all day long?
    So, please live seriously when you are young,
    Carefully choose someone to live with,
    If you get married one day,
    Hope is happiness from the heart,
    Rather than heaving a sigh of relief,
    It feels like a task has been accomplished.
  4. The best marriage is
    It’s not you who makes the money to support the family, I’m responsible for being beautiful and beautiful.
    But we work together,
    You are good and I am not bad either.
    I can understand your hard work,
    You can also understand how difficult it is for me.
    And the best marriage…




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