Why do some dogs “bury” their bones or toys in the backyard?

6 min readDec 28, 2023
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why some dogs “bury” their bones or toys in the backyard?
This behavior is actually rooted in their ancestral instincts as dogs descended from wolves.
In the wild, wolves bury their extra food to save it for later when they might not find a fresh kill.
Similarly, dogs may bury their toys or bones as a way of saving them for later enjoyment.
This behavior is especially common in dogs who have a more natural instinct to hunt and scavenge.
By burying their possessions, dogs are essentially stashing them away for safekeeping.
Another reason why dogs “bury” their bones is to hide them from other dogs or potential competitors.
This is a territorial behavior, as dogs want to keep their prized possessions secure and away from others’ reach.
Some dogs may also bury their toys or bones simply because they enjoy the process and find it satisfying.
The act of digging and burying taps into their primal instincts, giving them a sense of fulfillment.
For certain dogs, burying objects can also be a form of stress relief or even a way to cope with boredom.
It gives them an outlet for their excess energy and provides them with a stimulating activity.
However, not all dogs exhibit this behavior, as it can vary based on individual personality and breed.
If your dog repeatedly buries possessions and seems obsessed with it, it might be worth consulting a…




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