Why is the girl’s “Leg-Sitting pose” so tempting?

Girl’s “Leg-Sitting pose”, why is it so tempting to boys

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I would like to ask all the gentlemen at the beginning.

one question

If you let “Holding hands, linking arms, kissing, sitting on legs”

In these couple poses

choose one

An estimated 90% of people

Everyone will choose “sit and kill”

Why do boys love it so much?

The “Leg-Sitting pose” move?

Why is the “Leg-Sitting pose”

What will make boys lose their resistance?

Boys’ love for “sitting on legs”

It’s in our genes.

It is not limited to couples. Boys’ love for “sitting on legs” has already been reflected in their school days. I believe everyone has seen the following scene when they were in school:

This is mainly because boys and girls have different ways of maintaining relationships. Girls prefer “verbal communication”, where they can chat about gossip and celebrities all night long without getting sleepy.

Boys tend to express their feelings through “all kinds of weird actions”, such as chasing and playing with each other, you punch me and I kick you, or a group of people grabbing an empty bottle, simulating playing basketball, etc.




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