Women develop extramarital relationships, mostly for these three purposes

4 min readJun 13, 2024

A woman who has love and energy in her heart, a happy marriage, and well-behaved children will never betray her marriage.

Even if they may have some thoughts occasionally, they will never really take that step, because they know how to cherish and know what is the most precious wealth in life.

As for those women who lose their way in marriage and engage in extramarital affairs, their motives are often complex and diverse, but most of them have nothing to do with true love.

Most women develop extramarital relationships for these three purposes.

Photo by Annegret Kammer on Unsplash

1. Prove that I am still attractive

Some women, trapped in the marriage fortress, feel increasingly dull. They begin to crave recognition and praise from the outside world to prove their charm and value.

This kind of woman often does not fall in love with a man outside of marriage, but rather seeks psychological satisfaction and the expansion of her vanity.

They try to offset the dullness and signs of aging in their married life by attracting the attention of other men to reassure themselves that they are still attractive.




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