Women want to leave you and don’t want to “get well” with you, so there will be these obvious changes, don’t understand

4 min readJan 26
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  1. In the past, she would often praise you and praise your “advantages”, but now, she will often belittle you and focus on your “disadvantages”.

When a woman really loves you, she will appreciate you from the bottom of her heart. When she gets along with you, she will often praise you. face.

On the contrary, when a woman gets along with you, if she often focuses on your shortcomings, often neglects you, compares your shortcomings with the advantages of others, and doesn’t care about your feelings at all, it means that she has already disliked you. You, she doesn’t want to be with you, that’s why she behaves like this, don’t understand.

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2. In the past, she would often call you to tell you how she misses you, but now, she seldom contacts you and doesn’t bother to answer your calls.

In life, if a woman likes to be with you and is reluctant to be separated from you when she can’t see you, she often calls to care about you and tells you what she cares about, which shows that she really values ​​you in her heart.

On the contrary, if a woman no longer cares about your life when she is in a relationship with you, is not interested in your affairs, is often too lazy to answer your calls, and no longer takes the initiative to contact you, it means that she no longer has your place in her heart. I don’t want to be “okay” with you anymore, don’t understand.

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3. In the past, she didn’t want you to associate with other opposite sexes. If you were with other opposite sexes, she would be jealous. Now, she doesn’t pay attention to your life, doesn’t interfere with your social life, and even encourages you to make friends with other opposite sexes. .

A woman really loves you, and she values ​​the relationship between you in her bones. When she sees you…


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