You have to understand: the person who will return your message in this way loves you very much!

5 min readFeb 14, 2024

It is said that the best love letter in the relationship is probably the chat records of each other, especially when in love, two people can’t wait to chat every day until the night, and the chat records are hidden in a person’s love for you.

Often, how a person replies to your messages, how he loves you. If you can do everything to have a response, gradually have settled, such a person is from the heart of love you.

Because the love for a person, can not be hidden, it will be through a variety of ways to show, and chat records are the best way.

So, if you can reply to your messages in this way, you must love you very much.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

1. You get a response to every message you send.

“What does love look like?”

“Love is having everything accounted for, everything responded to, everything settled, and also favoring you.”

If you think about it carefully, you will realize that no matter whether you are single or have a significant other, what you are pursuing in your relationship is very simple, which is just to hope that your favorite significant other can love and cherish you.

Once a person has real feelings, he or she will have a very strong desire to talk.

In life encountered a variety of interesting things, can not help but share them with you, hope to get your feedback.

The same love you, naturally, can understand you, because he with your mood, will be eager to reply to your every message.

So, no matter what time you send him a message, he will see it and reply in time. No matter how many messages you send him, he will read them carefully and reply to you one by one.

Like you, even if the work is busy, will not casually perfunctory you, more will not pick up your last message back. The person who likes you will put you in the heart, always thinking about you, for you to consider.




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